About This Blog

This is the "blog behind the blog".
In January 2015 I started a blog & ecommerce website focused on endurance running and nutrition products. It's called Ordinary Superhuman.

Ordinary Superhuman is the home for all of my writing about running, endurance, nutrition (for running), etc. It will take up almost all of my spare time when I'm not training or dealing with my family.

This blog is, therefore, a blog behind a blog. It's the story of the rest of my life. It's a place for me to ramble about stuff that I notice and learn about; and about stuff I just want to write about. Since Ordinary Superhuman will only succeed as a business if I write quality content and learn to promote it effectively, writing on this blog will help me hone my writing skills. And get me into the habit of writing. And give me an outlet for procrastination.

I'm hoping that, in time, this blog will help to prove the integrity and credibility of Ordinary Superhuman. It lets people "peek behind the curtain" a bit. I don't have anything to hide. Even in this online age, I think good business is still all about building genuine relationships.

For what it's worth, I'm increasingly interested in contributing back, not just consuming all the time. To this end, when I ran my first ultra marathon in November 2014 I raised nearly £2,000 for Azafady. I've set up an Amazon Affiliate link and there are Google Adsense adverts on this blog. Please feel free to use links that they contain if you enjoy what I write about and would like to support me, whatever small amounts I raise through these links I will contribute back to Azafady. I hope that the links / adverts don't distract too much from the content of the site.

I'm interested in all kinds of stuff. Major topics are sport, technology, politics, economics, business, science and personal development. There's no particular priority order to those things. I quite often summarise my interests as wanting to know everything about how everything works.

I've previously set up other blogs to cover specific topics more directly. This are generally perpetually nascent, although I have ambitions to start updating them more regularly.

That I even set-up other blogs for other topics gives you an insight into the way my mind compartmentalises the world. It seems easier to me to think about those topics and post them into a stand alone blog. It just seems tidier, easier somehow. This is in spite of the fact that it will likely prove to be more onerous to maintain multiple blogs.