You're much more excited about this than I am, aren't you?

"You're much more excited about this than I am, aren't you?"
"Mmmm ... well, yes, of course I am. This is exactly the sort of stuff I'd love to be doing professionally."

Sometimes it can be a bit uncomfortable to admit the truth to yourself. Or to your wife. But occasionally it's just so obvious that there's no avoiding it.
And so it was with helping H establish an internet presence for her new venture. H is starting a Music With Mummy franchise. Perhaps, at another point, I'll write something about why I genuinely think this is such a brilliant thing. Executive summary: local business working to do something genuinely helpful / valuable to the wider community. Roughly my high level view of why businesses should exist. I'll have to discuss the more nuanced aspects of contributing to society by improving the lives of employees another day. Anyway, back to the point ... This isn't a high tech business. It is something that will flourish on word-of-mouth between parents, friends and families of people that take part. But getting it off the ground takes a fairly serious investment of time and effort. Operationally there's finding venues, purchasing instruments and other equipment, planning sessions, practising delivery, and so on. From a more "commercial" perspective there's marketing, publicity and advertising to make people aware of the sessions.
Although I think that the value of entertaining children and allowing parents to socialise is most worthwhile, this is something that does need to generate more money than breaking even. It's H's actual business, replacing her previous nursing career. So it needs to get enough people attending to make a reasonable return. This means that we needed to think about how to market and advertise the classes.
H had recently been to a Music With Mummy group session where class leaders from all over the country met to discuss ideas, hints and tips. A Facebook Page was a very popular recommendation. So, we started there. It was a relatively simple exercise. We followed the guidance and then sent out a couple of posts and invites to friends. Within minutes the page had its first likes and H's post had received several responses.
It's all very exciting and really shows how effective the internet can be at helping to spread information. Over the next few days and weeks, H is going to be making and distributing various fliers and so we'll see how well our initial marketing goes.