One small step for a man ...

Look mummy; I can walk!

13 weeks after I ruptured my Achilles Tendon, I walked for the first time on Wednesday. Hyperbole is over-used these days, but I think it is fair to say that this was a genuinely thrilling experience.

I had my first appointment with my Physio on Wednesday morning. On Monday, I'd had a fairly underwhelming trip to the Consultant at RUH Bath. He didn't even look at my foot, literally just asked me how I felt. After I'd said "Fine. I feel like I've got a decent range of motion." he just told me to start getting physiotherapy and that he'd book me in again in three months. Not to see him though, because he's off, fed up with Bath. Brilliant!

The Physio is a different proposition. She seems really interested in helping me get better. It feels brilliant to sense that someone cares and is enjoying their job. When Jo asked me to have a go at walking without my crutches I was actually fairly nervous and excited. Obviously, that's what I really want to be able to do. Once I'd done it it just felt brilliant. At the moment, I am mostly walking with a single crutch to support me. That, in itself, is essentially life changing. I can carry a glass of squash or a cup of coffee from the kitchen. Small victories! I also should do a little bit of unaided walking to start getting the strength back.

As you can see from the video, I still have a long way to go. The range of motion isn't quite there yet and the strength isn't there to push off properly. But I can walk. It's a great day!