Things I won't be dealing with for a while

I'm not big on health and safety, but I still don't fancy climbing on a kitchen chair to fiddle around with our ceiling lights.

Spectacularly useless internet shopping

Ordered last Thursday night. Arrived on Saturday morning. Collected on Monday.

Monday, of course, being the day that I attended Fracture Clinic to confirm my treatment plan for my ruptured Achilles tendon.



Yeh. That's not good. That'll be a ruptured Achilles tendon underneath that plaster. 

Initially, I wasn't too worried about it. The novelty of going to hospital and knowing that I've got to use crutches got me through the first day. But now I start to think about it, I'm not quite as excited about being injured. Properly injured. This is eight weeks in plaster, at least another four weeks before I can even think about driving. After that, rehabilitation is looking like at least another couple of months before I can even think of normal sport. So I'm looking at around 5-6 months if everything goes perfectly. If things are less than perfect it could be quite a lot longer. Remember David Beckham injuring himself before the last World Cup? He had surgery, which speeds up recovery by around a month, and obviously had access to the best possible physiotherapy and equipment. And he's properly super fit. And he was only back playing after 6 months.

This is going to be a very long process. I am a little bit nervous. I'm especially worried about the idea of not being able to do my normal sporting exercise for quite a long time. Scary.