Up close and personal

There's actually something kind of weird about this video. Whilst it's very cute, it's perhaps not quite right! It might also make a bit more sense to look at the earlier video, where Seb is just getting acquainted with his reflection.
It's got a pretty good resolution available, so as long as your connection speed is up to it, it's probably worth watching it full screen.

Who's that person in the mirror?

I really like the way Seb is focusing on his reflection in the mirror. I can't quite tell whether he realises it's himself yet. I think he probably just thinks it's another baby. It's quite funny to watch him getting closer and closer to the baby. I think he just wants to play!


Let the moving commence ...

We have finally started packing for our move to Colerne. The first boxes of books, CDs, DVDs and games have been filled. It's a strange feeling.

Five years ago this would have been unthinkable. An empty CD rack would have meant an empty life. Fortunately, MP3s take up a lot less space.

Sebastian's first Ellesmere Working Weekend

Ellesmere Working Weekend
A few photos from the Working Weekend at The Grange, Ellesemere. Sebastian managed to get involved with a bit of tractor riding, but there is plenty of photographic evidence to prove that mostly he was sleeping on the job. If only he'd slept at night ...