Capturing Smiles

It's actually quite hard to get a video of Seb smiling. Not least because you get so wrapped in him smiling that you forget to grab your camera.


Walking in a Hatton wonderland

I love Ricky Hatton, I even namechecked him in my wedding speech, but this just can't be a good thing. http://ping.fm/FjczD


Freedom of speech?

I can't help but feel that the decision to ban Islam4UK is a fundamentally flawed one. I haven't seen much evidence that any direct violence was planned. Beyond that, aren't we stepping dangerously into territory where the government is making decisions on what can and can't be said?
"I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." Voltaire


Fun with photos

I really like this photo of Seb. I really like the way that you can see his reflection in the mirror. I wish I could say that I had planned it, but it was much more by accident.
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Start 'em early

Seb appears to be taking a keen interest in the Internet already. Might still be a bit early to try him on CoD: Modern Warfare 2 though.


Fixing emerging problems

The main reason I find Linux interesting is that it tends to give some good practice in problem solving. In fact, sometimes, it really tests your ability to even identify that there is a problem. I've been vaguely uneasy that ever since I upgraded gcc to allow me to install a newer version of GoogleEarth, something would be wrong. The Gentoo upgrade guide for gcc was pretty helpful, but I found myself getting stuck when I ran:
emerge -eav system
I did rather put this down to just usual slightly random Gentoo-ness. However, I've never truly had any unresolvable problems with Gentoo, because I'm generally not trying to do anything unusual or cutting edge. Anyway, emerge was failing for package m4. What led me to just leave it alone for a bit was the fact that this was the 28th out of 150 packages in the system emerge and
emerge -avuD world
was fine..
emerge -avuD world
Now this is a bit more worrying. If I can't keep things up to date, it's all going to get messy quickly. Well, more accurately, when I finally need to do an update, it will be horrible. So, time to investigate.
I could see from the build log that the failure was similar to the one I'd had with my emerge system problems. Some reference to an old 4.1.2 version of gcc was loitering alongside trying to unpack something with lzma. This isn't really anything I know much about. My first stop was the Gentoo upgrade guide for gcc. This suggested
emerge --resume --skipfirst
if I encountered any repeated failures. I normally avoid this, because it feels like a bit of a hack and bound to leave a problem behind. Anyway, worth trying. What was interesting was the next package also failed with same error message:
lzma: /usr/lib/gcc/i486-pc-linux-gnu/4.1.2/libstdc++.so.6: version `GLIBCXX_3.4.9' not found (required by lzma)
Definitely suspicious. Hitting the forums with emerge failures for either of the specific packages wasn't helping much. So I did a bit more digging. The magic phrase was
"failure unpacking"
This brought up a few forum posts and one in particular that dealt with problems unpacking lzma. Running
find /etc/env.d/ -name \*486*
revealed half a dozen files that were referencing the wrong gcc version. I moved these to a temporary directory (I was too wimpy to just go ahead and delete them as per the forum post). Running
env-update && source /etc/profile
and then
ldd /usr/bin/lzma
 suggested things were definitely going in the right direction. As an aside, the idea of ldd /usr/bin/lzma came from a googled discussion on emerge problems.

So, as I type, I'm about 122 packages through my 150 package emerge -eav system. It may be a bit pre-emptive, but I do feel that I've made a lot of progress now. Even if the problem isn't fully solved, I'm past the blocker in emerging system against a new version of gcc. Next up is another empty tree re-emerge of world and see what happens. This will take time (it includes open office), so I'm hoping I can at least start it before I head to bed (given how noisy Seb is, I suspect this is likely). Then I can see whether it also has the result of fixing the bug I've filed re: lastfmplayer. This is failing with a different error, but if something wasn't right with my system, it's definitely up to me to double check. And doubtless find a whole new set of problems to investigate!