The sound of emptiness

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Most played: PES3 (surprise)
I am a freak. But then that much was always obvious. Left work at 9 tonight. It's a feeling I absolutely love - walking out into the car park to see my car in a sea of emptiness. Normally there are at least a 1000 cars in the car park. It's not so much a feeling of isolation, but more one of moving through the world in a different dimension. Everything that is normally so busy and populated can look so still and quiet during the night. At University, I used to enjoy walking home from the lab at 3am, because the world is just such a more enticing place at that time of night.

I suppose I don't feel too bad about working long hours today. I didn't get in until 9 and if I'm being honest, was I productive all day? Was I heck.

Now time to work out what to eat and then prepare for an exciting weekend of work. A lot of work on and I'm hoping to knock 2 or 3 projects on the head next week. It would be a refreshing change for me to actually finish something at last!


Poor excuses and procrastination

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A surprisingly hectic week in hindsight. Some major events and stuff in whatever order seems appropriate ...

First win for ages with my 11-a-side team this morning. Finally got a decent squad and team out and it showed. 3-0 by half-time and then enough resilience to hold on in the second half for a 3-1 win. Classic Sunday morning football. The pitch was pretty good - considering the recent rains. Some ankle deep mud in places; I'm pleased that I'm not cleaning the kit this week. Had a strong wind in our faces in the second half, rain and hail at various points. But it's the three points that count!

Feeling exhausted right now. That probably has a lot to do with the alarm clock going off at 6am this morning. At least the early hour was due to waking up in Bristol, next to H. That makes things bearable! Had a great weekend down in Bristol. I really can't get over how comfortable I feel with H. It's just enjoyable and fun, rather than a test to get stressed about. And the fact that I fancy her like crazy helps an awful lot!

Monday I caught up with Timos from Uni. That was good and, unusually for me, slightly random. Managed to get out for my first run of the new year, then got a call from Timos to see if I wanted to meet up for a few games of pool as he was visiting from London. I think Timos will probably end up moving up to Notts, not least as he has started seeing a lass up here.

Very interesting after work beer on Wednesday with Adie. I've been moaning about my job for ages and not really do anything about it. Adie was of a similar mind and has done something about it - it looks like he'll be getting a placement on an account in Northampton for maybe up to a year, which is great. We talked about work and life in general and it was good to just take a step back and think, rather than run through life with my head down and eyes focused on the 10 feet of ground in front of me.

Work is actually going reasonably well for a change at the moment. I have a tonne of work, but some of it is actually starting to take shape at last. Two major projects on at the moment and it's really satisfying to see the team members starting to pull the ideas into sensible solutions. I just hope that I can keep on top of my workload and help them move forward as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, this doesn't mean that work has turned the corner. The starting point of projects is always the most exciting as you are designing a new solution. Delivery, and worse, pulling all the loose ends together at the end just do not motivate me at all. Maybe I need to learn. Well, there's no maybe, but all things considered, my gut feel is that I'm just doing the wrong thing I think.

OK, I'm utterly exhausted. More to come in the future, but for now, it's time to complete my boring domestic chores and ready myself for the week ahead.


These sales are crap let's slash the seats

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Most played: Wandering aimlessley through the town centre looking for non-existent bargains
Surprisingly enough, Nottingham was quiet today. I was expecting it to be packed and, therefore, incredibly annoying it to shop in. The weather was a little miserable, but hey it's January. A smattering of snow, but it wasn't so cold that a decent coat, scarf and gloves couldn't protect you.

Even with the town being quieter than expected, the sales were crap. There wasn't anything of any interest in any of the shops that I went in. Admittedly I was focusing my attention on Marks and Next as I had some vouchers burning a hole in my pocket. In the end, I didn't really get anything from the sales, but did get a couple of ties and a shirt for work and a few other odds and ends.

Also spent a bit of time browsing through Waterstones. Nothing really of note in there. I was looking for some O'Reilly books, but they didn't have much of a selection and certainly not at prices to match with Amazon. So I gave up on that too.

I did have to buy something unnecessary though, so I treated my self to some speakers to put in my study. I think that removes the last of my excuses for not getting on and brushing up on my c++ skills, so I'd better get down to it.

Disappointment of the day was Norwich not knocking Everton out of the cup. Ah well, bit of a shame, but I'll now have to keep my fingers crossed that Yeovil don't managed to do a number on Liverpool. That would surely be the last straw for Houllier - he really hasn't impressed me this season.

A quiet night in tonight. I might have a few games on Pro Evo before I hit the hay. Suits me fine as the bank balance is still slowly recovering after Christmas (yes, yes - I know that the speakers weren't strictly necessary). Hopefully, I'll be catching up with Stocky tomorrow for a spot of grub. I think a bit of mexican is on the cards. H is out tonight in London. Got a text from her sometime around 6 o'clock to say that they were hitting the champagne already. So with any luck I'll get some "pissed and horny" text messages for humorous teasing (and for making me feel quite warm and cuddly as well).

No sleep till ...

Listening to: The sound of my computer fan, because I'm too lazy to go downstairs to change the CD
Most played: PES3

My body's doing weird things to me these days. It's 1am and I'm wide awake. At least I don't have to haul myself out of bed tomorrow to go to work. I'm sure that New Year has played havoc with my body clock right now. Or it could be that I'm just an insomniac. H certainly seems to think that has something to do with it.

J & H have just provided me with much amusement in the form of a fairly drunken phone convo. Although, that said, the speech was still coherent rather than the slurred, disjointed speech that provides so much more entertainment when you're sober! Now I'm wishing I was a 135 miles further south so that I was keeping H warm in bed, but that'll have to be another time now.

Itinerary for tomorrow is basically sale shopping. This could go one of two ways, and it's probably going to be annoying, because there's no way I'll be in town before the masses arrive. And on the shopping list? Two work ties, a work shirt, some jeans and probably an upgrade to the underwear collection. Nothing if not excitement through and through in my life.

This article on BBC News caught my attention this lunchtime. I don't use the web for anything like as much information retrieval as I used to. Now I use it for tidbits of trivia and random ideas. In the past I used to actually gather new information from the web, but I've allowed myself to get into the habit of skim-reading rather than absorbing. It would be easy to claim information overload, but it's actually something more odd. I've allowed staring at the words on the screen without reading to become a pastime all in its own right. Strange.


Geek testing of new toys

I like to play with my new toys and generally tinker.
So, not content with my shiny new blog. It does appear that some comments would be in order.

Unresolved ambitions

A new year and another set of resolutions sitting just below my conscious thoughts. I know that I really want to keep a journal, and that I periodically attempt to start one. So here is this month's attempt. Perhaps transferring it to something that satisfies my geek tendencies will finally enable me to keep it a little more up to date. Or perhaps not. We shall wait and see.

I'm looking forward to seeing how this all pans out. And so much to write about - too much meandering minutiae and not enough of excitement, but that will come with practice.